Tuesday, October 6, 2009

World Masters Games - Waterpolo

The itinerary has been published and the team plays in the over 40's category against...
WPC Astana
Manly Fairy Penguins
Royal Navy
UNSW Cheers 40+
we also play against two sides from the 45+ category
Cronulla Old Bull Sharks
QVS Wizards
Monday 12th Oct: 0950 and 1900 - Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre
Tuesday 13th Oct: 1130 and 2050 - -----------"---------------
Wednesday 14th Oct: 1450 - MLC School Aquatic Centre
Thursday 15th Oct: 1040 - Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre
Friday 16th Oct: Semi Finals - 1100 (1st 40+ vs. 4th 40+) or 1150 (2nd 40+ vs. 3rd 40+)
Saturday 17th Oct: Finals - 1530 (winner semi 1 vs. winner semi 2)

Friday, October 2, 2009

it is now only days away...

I'm not sure what it means to others but competing in the World Masters Games in a weeks time gives me an immense sense of satisfaction.

I have been a swimmer and water polo player for over twenty years. This means I have tried consistently to be pretty competent in the water, thick or thin, girlfriends, wives, kids - all second to a need to be in the water... never quite good enough for national representation, happy to let wine, women and song take precedence over my chosen pass time... but now....

well, OK: wine, women and song are still pretty important to me, but in a weeks time I get to be an over 40's water polo player, competing against others that have chosen to travel from the UK, other parts of Europe and... Manly (for the international reader this is the destination for a large part of the English backpacking contingent, if they could not make Bondi.... for some reason, like it was full).

So, after spending months honing the body, predominantly the liver, I am now ready to take on the worlds finest: the over 40's British Royal Navy; a bunch of lads from the Uni of New South Wales; some chaps from WPC Astana and the Manly 'Fairy' Penguins...

I look forward to the contest, the opportunity to swap stories on old wounds sustained in the epic struggle for supremacy and above all... the chance to relax and enjoy what is arguably the best city in the world....

Sydney, Australia.