Thursday, December 31, 2009

Results Day: 31st December 2009

The results were not as bad as I expected, considering I have more or less bathed in beer for at least 14 days....

Weight: 94.5kg
Body Fat: 10.6%
Waist: 87-91cm

The yearly chart shows a clear upward trend for the end of the year though!

This is all good, the feedback tells me I have had fun and that I can now focus on Operation Fatboy Freddy by having fun working it all off again. But, this time next year I won't be allowing this to happen again, it is not healthy.

New Years Eve and here's looking to a fabulous 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2010

take the song titles and create a story...

The Annual 2010 - Disc 1

Hey! Whatchadoin?
I reckon you could Be The One, so Shake It coz I Know You Want Me, come be the Shot Caller. I Like That you got some Fire Power so Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch.

Heartbreak, She Got It bad. Now You See It - he's a Heartbreaker, I'm gunna Love You No More and I'm Going Underground.

You're Special, I'll Get You Pon De Floor so get Out My Bitch and a. Meich b. Thump you will see We Are Golden.

Operation Fatboy Freddy...

Grolsch and Corona Freddy Found Yummy,
Trouble was, they both went to his Tummy,

Fatboy Freddy enjoyed his Christmas break,
Which included lots of steak

Now it's time to strip some fat,
So that Freddys tummy...
ends up flat!

Operation Fatboy Freddy is now gaining momentum with goals like 8% body fat, 80cm Waist, a 6 pack (not beer!), and great strength and cardio fitness for the water polo seasons of 2010.

With goals in place, the power of the brain mixed with determination, a need to succeed, and lots of hard work: anything is possible.

Imagine it, see it, be it.



Christmas is done, the Kids_of_Fred are fully loaded with more presents than they know what to do with and the new fish tank is operating pretty well considering the day that was Christmas Eve.

A day spent removing fish, water and gravel; purchasing a new tank, installing it and replacing water, fish, gravel and plants (not in that order mind you!).
The tropical fish are still alive: amazingly!

Here's to 2010 and hopefully less calamity than the end of 2009!

The old tank, with its emergency duct tape fix.

The new tank in all its glory!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do bad things come in three's?

At 5am The House_of_Fred started the day by erecting a marquee, all appeared calm, and The Wife_of_Fred was deciding how to move the marquee to its allocated position.... then the fishtank exploded.

Mmm, maybe a slight exaggeration there, but the front glass cracked, the water poured forth and we stood and watched whilst 150litres of water gushed to the floor.

Needless to say we are now trying to think back to see if this is number three of three calamities: we had the dog put down on Monday (1); we had the fishtank pump leak 50 odd litres on Tuesday (2); the fishtank glass cracks (3). If the "naughty or nice" fairies are watching, let's hope we get extra points from the nice department!

Let's hope that all could happen now has and that we can enjoy the Festive Season.....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Results Day...

ahh, the weekly check on progress brought reality back to my world.

The time of year, a change of jobs, a break with the family have all caught up with me.

Weight: 93kg - up by two keggers!
Body Fat: 10.2% - up by 2%
Waist: 86-91cm - stable

Back to the Gym today for me!
The need to get into the resistance training followed by a good hit out on the Cardio front with 45 mins RPM is now essential. Target min 800 calories.

Christmas is coming Freddy's getting Fat; It's time NOW to put a stop to that!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A few weeks with reduced exercise...

Mmm, Christmas brings its joy as well as its burdens. A few weeks of revelry with reduced exercise could result in a larger waist circumference than you expected.

Don't be overly critical of yourself, after all if you maintain your rituals, but maybe with a few classes missed, then your post Christmas workouts should not be too hard. Maybe a few classes where you try extra hard, push that intensity up another notch and drive out the Christmas cheer then you will be back, fit, lean and looking gorgeous for the rest of the holidays.

Remember, the energy you put in must be used, or stored: if it is stored then you have to work to get it off. Alcohol adds to your energy intake, one beer is approximately 130cals (Australian standard drink = alcohol calories, 70 + carbohydrate calories, 60ish), just consider that when you open the second six-pack.... it'll make your six pack disappear almost overnight: and you won't get it back so quick either!

Have fun over the holidays, but not so much that you undo all of your hardwork put in over the year.