Thursday, March 25, 2010

Results day (week 12 and 13): Rockin’

The last check in of the first quarter. I missed posting last week’s results so will combine the data into today’s message.

After a week of illness, a bit of catch up was required, a bit of weight was put back on and the system stabilised a tad. Of course exuberance got the better of me, I over-weighted my arms and am now suffering from tennis elbow, a total bugger because certain positions mean that I can grip nothing (no surprise there, losing my grip on most things these days!). Anyway, enough of excuses and let’s take a peek at the feedback so far:

Weight: 92.1 kg last week, 91.7kg this week – nice!

Body Fat: 8.9% last week; 8.5% this week – even nicer

Waist: 84-87cm last week; 83.5-86.5 this week – happy...

Muscle: 79.8 last week; 79.8 this week

All in all the first three months since Christmas have seen me reach my first targets. These were predominantly to stabilise and clear off the cheer of the festive season.

I now have a birthday, Easter (and Crème Egg Mania! YAY!) and then to settle into the aim of keeping body fat low, fitness high and searching for my next “thing to do”.

Study at Uni will keep some nights busy, Winter Waterpolo starts soon, home life and three kids cover any spare time left, and oh yes, my full-time job too. I’m also hoping to take up the reins of being a Les Mills RPM instructor (I have to become qualified first, and then get a gig in a gym) but that’ll add to the mix of keeping me busy... I wonder if I’ll have time for a mid-life crisis?

What else? Ah, don’t forget that if you are struggling on the journey to lose weight or find some more fitness then there are plenty of Trainers out there that are suitably qualified to help you: you just have to look for them. Although not a trainer, I am more than happy to suggest tactics that worked for me, and then suggest where you can get professional support and advice. Happy to take questions on Twitter (look for "fred_of_sydney")

There are no shortcuts, there is a degree of pain, it is a ride that you should never stop (you can slow it down or speed it up though) and using feedback to test yourself is one of the most successful motivators you could ever find.

Don’t give up, always try again, live it and love it!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An opportunity NOT to be missed....

For all those interested in knowing how easy it is to use the facilities available to them in local parks to help them get and stay fit, join Katrina Cochrane (a strength and conditioning coach and practicing Les Mills instructor) at her 3 free group outdoor sessions for the month of April. Starting on Saturday 3rd April at 8am and then on the 10th and 17th.

They are 1 hour high intensity training sessions including boxing, full body resistance training and cardio. A perfect opportunity to boost your training programme, or to kick start your health improvement journey. She will be holding the sessions in Pyrmont (local parks), and they are limited to 16 participants. So if you are interested, just let her know by contacting her on mobile, 0437 821 188 – get in quick as there only three spaces left for this particular offer.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Results Day - Week 11: Anomaly

Can sickness really do that?
Yes. After a few days of being under the weather I have missed not only going to the gym, but eating.

I got on the scales this morning and found that I have lost 2KG, gained body fat and lost some muscle mass: all due to a few days off the programme...

The Data:
Weight: 90.2kg – down 2kg from 92.2kg last week
Body Fat: 10.2% - up 1.6% from last week
Waist: 83-87.5cm – down by 1cm on “guts in”, and .5cm on “guts out”
Muscle: 77.1 – down by 3

So, once I have shaken the annoying jyppy tummy and can keep food inside my body for longer than 30mins I reckon I’ll be back on track.

Next week I look to stabilise my routine and make sure that I fit in plenty of resistance training, along with a nice healthy bout of cardio!
Good luck and don't forget to check in with your measures and compare the feedback, adjusting as you go so that you get the best results every week, even if you have the odd anomaly in there you can see why and not let doubt creep in. Doubt prevents getting the best, and you deserve the best...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Consumer Fraud Awareness week....

Consumer Fraud Awareness week runs from 1-7 March and is a timely reminder to protect yourself online and be on the look out for scams.

You can boost your level of protection online by following our simple six-step checklist:

1. Ensure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus and security software.

2. Enable automatic updates for your operating system and applications including your web browsers to ensure they remain current.

3. Use spam filtering software to help block fake emails or emails containing viruses.
If you receive a spam email, delete it and don't open email attachments from unknown sources.

4. When using social networking sites such as Facebook, be careful about the personal information you publish, and customise your security settings to ensure your profile is only accessible to those you trust.

5. Do not provide your tax file number online unless you are certain about the authenticity of the website.

6. Remember, we will never send you an email requesting you to confirm, update or disclose your personal details. If you receive an email like that, please do not respond to it.

For more information on how to report and protect yourself from scams and to see examples of genuine ATO communications, visit

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Results Day - Week 10: it was no fluke!

Another week, another check in...

10 weeks of using feedback to determine my success, feedback (in the form of measurement) is so important in the journey and without it you just don't know where you are.

The data:
Weight: 92.2kg down 1.3kg from last week
Body Fat: 8.6% - SMASHED IT! down 1.1% from last week
Waist: 84-88cm - 1cm dropped from "guts out" measure
Muscle: 80.2kg - steady

I checked in with the heart rate monitors "OwnIndex" as well, a VO2 Max equivalent on Polar watches put me at 53... "elite", ha!

So, now it is time to look at the regime and make sure I don't plateau: the human body is a magical thing, muscle memory and adaptation to name but two wonderful capabilities of the body.

More resistance training, but changing the weights and the types of exercises. A change to the cardio routine too, mix it up a bit, less time on the bike and get some other multi-limb programmes into the schedule. Bring in the Swiss Ball and the BOSU to challenge the core and the next 10 weeks may just be positive results laden.

As always, make sure you are having fun. The first part of the weight loss journey is understanding that you WILL feel so much better, even with the hard work, the sweat and the aches and pains that come with the exercise territory, in weeks to come.

Want to get to the gym but you are worried about what other people think? All those fit people with good body's... a high proportion of them were probably just like you at the beginning of their journey, they don't care about you and if you look unfit. They DO care that you are now trying to change and that you ARE making the effort. Go on, take the first step to a new you and find what it is like to be fit, healthy and full of life.

Cheers, and have a good week,