Thursday, July 29, 2010

Results Day – Week 30: The joy of measurement!

It is done; I have managed to get a quick review of this week up on blog for all to see. The data continues show some consistency in output, but is it enough? Do I need to find that extra little bit of je ne sais pas?

Am I really achieving my goals? Have I achieved that flat stomach.. is that why I measure my stomach circumference?

Weight: 91.8kg (you see, this is good, its consistent and a bit lower than last week)
Body Fat: 8.6% (consistent, but a bit higher than last week)
Waist: 85-88cm (at least I have some data now!)

But the “flat” stomach still eludes me, or am I being too critical? What should I expect of myself at 41? I dunno, but maybe my vanity wants me to be flatter than I am now, and maybe I’ll just keep trying!

I’m having lots of fun trying and I reckon that is the most important aspect of this whole journey... AND I am seeing demonstrable results every week, which makes me even happier!

The joy of measurement!

Focus on what it is you want in life, and go and get it!

...Train, enjoy, laugh and then train again...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Results... Month: Still Good!

Well, OK I have slipped off of the blogging my weekly results radar a little. Ah, a lot really.

In that time I have only missed one weigh-in which means that I am still keeping tabs on my results, just not doing a good job of telling you what they are!

Week 29 is my ‘gap’ week... no data, all went quiet on the Freddy Results Machine.

There are no excuses, either for missing one weigh-in or missing giving my readers the benefit of just seeing my results come up every week: I know you hang on every word and spend the weeks wondering...”will Fred stay on the course?” Gripping stuff I know.

Weight: 92.7; 92.3; 91.5; GAP; 92.3kg

Body Fat: 9.4; 9.5; 9.9; GAP; 7.8% (Phew, cos that was going upwards!)

Waist: 85-90; GAP; GAP; GAP; GAP (darn it, darn and blast it! No data, not good)

Hopefully this week I will have a full data set, this will help me reset my goals if I need to. It does appear that the religious collection of data at the beginning of the year has helped me maintain my activities and food intakes sufficiently to keep weight and body fat in a pretty good position. I am still going to the gym and still doing the exercises I need to do to help manage strength, weight and body fat.

Well, that’s it from me except:

Focus on what it is you want in life, and go and get it!

...Train, enjoy, laugh and then train again...