Thursday, October 21, 2010

The vicious tendrils of depression

This week has had the veil of uncertainty placed over it, culminating in the heavy blanket of death. 

Last night my family heard of the sad and untimely passing of a close friend, he had been missing since Sunday. He had battled depression and clearly after many attempts to the contrary he chose his own peace.

Personally, I knew him as an acquaintance, only to cross paths on the odd occasion when family’s separated by distance meet. He was a brother, and a son and he will be sorely missed. He was part of my partner’s life as she grew up, as were his sister and his brother. He belonged to a family that would care without question, give endlessly – they still do. Yet, for all their love, generosity and kindness he found the heavy load of life to much to bear.

Depression has long and vicious tendrils, it affects many with one single swoop and it places a permanent scar on all it touches. I cannot express enough my sympathy for an unjust loss, the randomness and meanness of such an affliction and the terrible affect it has.

No matter what, seek assistance, never give up.