Friday, June 25, 2010

Results Day: Weeks 25 and 26 – wuzzup?


Just got waylaid on the way to posting last week, so am rolling two into one.

I have made myself learn some new tricks and suffice to say this old dog has struggled a little to adapt.

Why, say “Nice!”?

Well in the scheme of things I am lucky enough to be comfortable. Wife, Kids, fairly stable job, home, extended family... things are pretty good. So am I being challenged? Not exactly, each one of the above do pose their own problems at certain times but why not take yourself right out of your comfort zone and try something completely different?

I have, I am on the road to becoming a Group Exercise Leader. The exercise of choice is cycling, stationary bikes in a gym using the Les Mills Programme – RPM.

And how marvellous has the journey been? Mind blowing and ace! Yep, I said ACE!

In a week’s time I get to instruct a class all on my own, no training wheels (a la a qualified instructor next to me), totally alone on the stage, me, the mike and the music... taping the video that gets sent away for assessment and certification.

Anyway, enough of my excitement at what lies ahead of me, down to the data, results and review....
Weight: 93.5kg and 92.7kg
Body Fat: 9.1% and 9.4%
Waist: 85-89cm and 85-90cm

OK, so weight has gone up, but can be directly linked to muscle gain and a little fat gain. Not grumbling cos I am still stoked with the idea of being an instructor (though not yet fully qualified), and the fact that my mentors think I am doing well.

Anyway... focus on what is what you want in life and go and get it.

As always,

...Train, enjoy, laugh and then train again...


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Results Day – Week 24: Do I have the secret sauce for fitness and health success?

Well, it’s not really a secret but lots of people struggle to remember what it is and to apply it daily....

The simple energy equation of 'calories in = calories' out creates an energy balance that allows your body to stay lean, fit and healthy. But it is not such an easy and simple task when food portions are large and few people understand the energy value of the meals they eat and its impact on their equation.

To lose weight then the equation must change; you must use more energy than you put in. If you do this, in a healthy and controlled manner, then generally speaking you will succeed in losing weight. In addition to this you may even feel fitter, but to make that serious change to fitness then the energy equation needs to be supported by the Great Results Equation:

Cardiovascular Exercise + Resistance (weight) Training + Good Nutrition + Attitude = Great Results

The cardio helps build strong heart and lungs (ergo, Fitness), the resistance training builds lean muscle, creating an even bigger calorie burning furnace, nutrition should speak for itself but you need to feed your body the right fuel to be able to maintain your cardio and resistance efforts. Finally and this is the clincher, Attitude: every-day the right attitude must be found, the one that says ‘I _will_ do this’, the one that says ‘even though I may have slipped yesterday I have another go today and tomorrow’.

Enough, time for the data:
Weight: 91.2kg – down by 500g from last week
Body Fat: 9% - down 2.2% from last week
Waist: 85-89cm – down 2.5cm and 3.5cm respectively

Seriously, it works and allowing for mishaps and deviations from the plan is part of the plan... ride yourself too hard and you end up in the extremes, binging one day, starving the next. Give yourself a break and look at the long term goal you have, and adjust each day sensibly to enable you to want to keep doing it.

...Train, enjoy, laugh and then train again...


Friday, June 4, 2010

Results Day – It's Freddylicious!

Forgive me blogspot for I have not blogged for more than two weeks...

Week 21’s results were a little dubious, well the results weren’t but my continual blathering on about “i’m rockin’”, and stabilising my nutrition etc was all a load of tosh! My weight stayed relatively the same, body fat started to creep towards 10% and my guts measurement was creeping outwards too.

Well, I Iike beer! And beer likes to stay as blubber around my 41 year old waistline where it can leer back at me smugly...

So, Week 22 should have been all about the focus on nutrition, exercise and resistance training... it wasn’t. Actually, that is wrong, it was: I did focus on nutrition. I had to spend a week in Adelaide for work and although I managed to get to the local Fitness First on a number of occasions, I also managed to enjoy happy hour, late dinners, afternoon teas and OK, generally 7 days of non-stop eating and drinking. Oh Crikey I wonder what the data will tell me now?

Week 23: back at the ranch and settling into routine again. The weigh in should not be too scary should it?

Weight: 91.7kg – surprisingly OK considering the lashings of fatty food I have consumed
Body Fat: 11.2% - again, not as bad as expected!
Waist: 87.5-92.5 – no surprises here ;)

As I missed resistance training and missed the nutrition profile I have set for myself I am actually delighted with the results! I have managed to keep the cardio effort up and as such helped reduce the impact of over indulging. All I need to now is settle the routine, bring back the resistance sets and I should be able to bring back the sub 10% body fat result and get back to Freddylicious!

...Train, enjoy, laugh and then train again...