Thursday, May 13, 2010

Results Day – Week 20: Got it, but can I keep it?

Another intriguing week.

A little more exercise due to being a novice group exercise instructor and having to get ‘stage time’ to learn the trade. It’s made to look easy by the instructors up on stage, and it sure as hell is not! Well, maybe for an oldie like me it’s not anyway ;(

The data is in and a pleasant set of results they are too:
Weight: 92.8 – stable
Body Fat: 8.4% - nice, a drop of 1.2% on last week
Waist: 84-88cm – guts out measure down by 1cm

The focus on nutrition helped tremendously and yet I still managed to enjoy fish and chips at Fisherman’s Wharf, Woy Woy for Mothers day. The moral of the story is staying focussed helps you make the right decisions and still have fun, and having fun makes working hard worthwhile, so you come back for more. And I did.

My resistance training takes the rough with the smooth at the moment, depending on what day it is and what RPM commitment I have I am finding that any set routine for weights just does not work. Oddly enough though, I feel a bit stronger and my muscles appear to be working harder when I am challeneging them. Maybe there is another lesson in that? I think the term is ‘muscle memory’ and as your body adapts to the challenges, they do not become a challenge... mix it up a bit and find out if you have been doing the same thing for too long. Don't forget, speak to a qualified PT ( 'cos I'm not one) if you are not sure.

My core work has fallen by the wayside, just can’t find the right moments to get onto the BOSU or Swiss Ball and smash out some deep core exercise. Maybe I’ll manage that this week...

Oh, and yep, I’m back in the pool with polo ball in hand once a week. Yeeeeehar! Is all I can say, I hate the break between summer and winter seasons; I almost feel rusty from not being in water ;)

Nuff said today!

So: ...Train, enjoy, laugh and then train again...


Friday, May 7, 2010

Results Day – Week 19: Focus

Last week the feedback told me I had overindulged. I chose to blame many things whilst I was overindulging, but then the data spoke. All it could tell me was that my hard work of previous weeks was being undone, sabotaged by my own behaviours.

Time to shape up, or quit this game...

So, nutrition took a front seat this week; focus was on changing the intake back to ‘good’ foods, not naughty ones. Focus was on recognising how I felt after eating good foods, and remembering what it felt like after bad foods. But it was not all hard slog and whippings... I did enjoy a cheeky beer, but this time not in the same volumes as before.

The data:
Weight: 92.9kg – down 1kg from last week
Body Fat: 9.6% - down 0.8% from last week
Waist: 84-89cm – down 1cm from last week

That’s better.

And to add some icing to that... Water polo starts again next week. The chance to chuck the ball around, have a bit of fun and have a good swim. Winter games in the open air are just marvellous, the brisk evening air accompanying the steam as it rises from the pool surface... ahhh! Magic.

Anyway, sometimes it is difficult to stay with the focus, and sometimes you slip. If you do, don’t get disheartened, use the data to remind you that you were succeeding and all you have faced is a surmountable hurdle. You have already proven that you can get over that hurdle, because you were getting fitter, leaner and having more fun. Remember the great feeling of exhilaration as you finish another session, tired I’m sure, tired but knowing that weight, fitness and all of your goals are back on track.

... Train, enjoy, laugh and then train again...